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We are pleased to welcome another new member to Lung Cancer Europe as the Bulgarian Association of Patients with Respiratory Failure and Lung Transplantation joins LuCE.
The Сдружение “Дихателна недостатъчност и белодробна трансплантация” was founded in Sofia in 2017 and its aim is to work for organ donations and transplantations – including lung transplants – in Bulgaria.
It ‘fully understands the challenges that lung disease patients face. Therefore, we strive to promote contacts and empathy between patients with lung diseases, as well as their adaptation to a changed lifestyle. We aim to improve their mental and physical well-being through forms of personal, organisational and financial support. We also help spread scientific information about the disease and access to innovative therapies.’
Its website is currently under construction but you can find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aprflt/ or by email at [email protected]
We welcome the APRFLT to LuCE and look forward to working closely with them.