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As part of our Friday News: Voices of LuCE, we’d like to make you aware of AEACaP’s new ‘Pills About Nutrition’ series.

As we all know, the subject of food, nutrition, recipes and diets are of great interest, so the Asociación Española de Afectados de Cáncer de Pulmón (AEACaP) has launched a series of videos to provide useful and practical information for patients, families and caregivers.

It will comprise a series of videos in which, every fortnight, a nutritionist specialised in oncology patients will address diet-related topics of interest for people affected by lung cancer.

The aim of these videos is to offer rigorous information based on scientific knowledge and to banish myths and false beliefs.

For this, AEACaP is working with Victoria Góngora, a dietician and nutritionist specialising in oncology cases who will address key issues such as:

1. ‘Anti-cancer’ diets: from science to the table.

2. Myths about food and cancer.

3. How to eat in the days before and after treatment.

4. How to prepare for surgery.

5. How to surf the most common symptoms of treatment.

6. If I have lung cancer, do I need supplements?

7. I can’t get up today. Changes in body composition and asthenia.

8. I’m going back to work. What now?

9. Don’t get ripped off: find out how to read labels.

10. If I change my diet, can I prevent a relapse?

11. Pressure-free eating. How to build lasting habits.

The videos are available both on the AEACaP website and Youtube channel.