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Reports and position papers

Since its establishment, LuCE has continually developed a range of reports tackling relevant challenges for the lung cancer community. Through a systematic process based on desk research and surveys, we have been able to provide evidence-based documents that truly provides insights around patient needs in these particular fields.

An awareness campaign on recognition of risk factors and signs and symptoms of lung cancer

Advancement in lung cancer research has provided greater insights into the disease allowing for the development of new treatments which can provide improved outcomes for those living with lung cancer. Despite this, lung cancer remains amongst the highest contributor to cancer related deaths in Europe, responsible for almost 1 in every 5 of all cancer-related deaths.


As part of our online resources, we hold regular online webinars on hot topics that that are on the interest of the lung cancer advocacy community, counting with the unvaluable contribution of top-notch speakers, given the audience the opportunity to make their questions. You can check our upcoming webinars in the events calendar.

Donations with help of our partners,
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Below you can find download brochures and leaflets that might be of your interest: