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About LuCE

Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) is the voice of people living with lung cancer and their families with lung cancer at European level. LuCE provides a European platform for lung cancer patient advocacy associations and networks and supports the establishment of national lung cancer patient groups in those European countries where such groups do not yet exist.

Our mission

LuCE is the voice of Europeans impacted by or at risk of lung cancer.

We collaborate with stakeholders to destigmatise the disease and ensure that  everyone  achieves the best possible outcomes.

We empower members to ensure strong and effective lung cancer patient advocacy across Europe.

Our vision

All Europeans impacted by or at risk of lung cancer will have  access to optimal care so that they have the best possible outcomes and quality of life.

As a community…

  • We give priority to the needs and interests of people with lung cancer
  • We are passionate about working together to drive the changes needed to improve lung cancer outcomes and destigmatise the disease
  • Our solidarity creates a strong community that is committed to helping each other achieve our common goals
  • We seek to be as representative as possible of the European lung cancer patient community

As an organisation…

  • We believe its important to be ethical and always act with integrity
  • We take a professional approach so that we can be efficient and impactful in our activities
  • We show respect to our internal and external stakeholders
  • We are accountable for all that we do

Our core purpose is to…

  • Represent the common interest of the European lung cancer patient community
  • Strengthen the voice of the lung cancer patient community across all of Europe
  • Address common problems by mobolising and leading collective action by LuCE members
  • Amplify the patient voice by collaborating with all stakeholders with the power to improve the lives of people affected by lung cancer


Our key challenges and objectives are…

  • Increase access to early and accurate diagnosis of lung cancer in Europe
  • Improve equity of access to optimal lung cancer treatments and care in Europe
  • Strengthen the lung cancer patient voice in Europe
  • Destigmatise the disease by changing the narrative around lung cancer
  • Grow a strong and sustainable organisation