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We are pleased to see our member numbers growing again as the Irish Lung Cancer Community (ILCC) becomes part of the LuCE family.
The ILCC was established by a group of like-minded individuals, whose aim was to address the historic lack of advocacy for people with lung cancer in Ireland and to drive research into the disease.
The ILCC empowers all those affected by lung cancer through the provision of education, information and support. The ILCC also works to promote more positive perceptions about the disease.
ILCC’s founding members consist of people living with lung cancer, those in a caregiving capacity and those with an interest in advocating for this disease.
The group is comprised of a small but motivated group of individuals including:
➡️ Seamus Cotter – Chairperson
➡️ Judith Byrne – Vice-chairperson/Secretary
➡️ AnneMarie Baird – Treasurer
➡️ Executive Officers: Catríona Dowling, Tracy Byrne, Bronwyn Carpenter, Maeve O’Sullivan, Susan Lohan and Chris Olberz.
Find out more here: https://ilcc.ie/