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November 14th – 15th in Amsterdam

We are delighted to announce that Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) is participating in a two-day meeting at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam for Patient and Consumers Working Party (PCWP)/Health Care Providers Working Party (HCPWP).

As a new member of the EMA, this is a significant milestone for us and the lung cancer community.

Topics of interest to our lung cancer community are on the agenda for discussion:

  • HTA Regulation Implementation: The new HTA Regulation, which is set to come into application in January 2025, focusing on current implementation activities.
  • EU Critical Medicines List: The EMA will provide an update on the Union list of critical medicines, aimed at addressing medication shortages in serious and chronic conditions. The initial list will be published in December 2023.
  • COVID-19 Lessons: An update on the draft report from the HMA-EMA analysis, reflecting on the lessons learned from the pandemic.
  • Agency Committees Insights: Updates from key committees such as COMPCAT, CHMP, and PDCO.
  • Patient Experience Data: Progress following the 2022 multistakeholder workshop and the June 2023 update, with a focus on priorities and deliverables for 2023-24.
  • Biosimilar Medicines: Insights into HMA-EMA‘s work to enhance communication around biosimilars.
  • Our Digital Footprint: Updates on our corporate website and social media strategy.
  • Members’ Voice: Information on the 2023 Skill Training for Young Patient Advocates (STYPA) and upcoming collaboration opportunities in 2024.

This meeting marks an important step for LuCE, providing close collaboration with regulators, patient organizations, and healthcare professionals. We’re committed to representing the lung cancer communities in Europe providing relevant input into European regulatory processes and decisions.