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About the Organization Lungunion Austria 

The Lungunion Austria is a patient organization (NGO and self-aid organization) for people with airway diseases, aligned skin diseases, and allergy. They have also been representing people with lung cancer since 2019.

The organization offers specific services for each disease area. They organize online live information-meetings with experts, including Q&A sessions for participants, with a frequency of 2 times per month or more. Additionally, they provide free-of-charge live-online breathing exercise trainings with an expert once a month, which includes videos and a booklet with breathing training exercises. The Lungunion Austria also supports peer-to-peer meetings for patients.

Furthermore, they engage in public awareness campaigns and produce information videos for patients. For instance, they have created 15 information videos with experts covering all aspects of lung cancer for patients and their caregivers.

‘’…informed patients and informed public”

Lungunion Austria works together with experts and a medical advisory board to ensure correct information on their website and in their magazine “Aufwind” 

The Executive Board

Gundula Koblmiller, MSc (Treasurer)

Günter Rummer (President)

Wolfgang Pohl (General Secretary)

Thomas Stodulka (Secretary)

Ulrike Hintringer (International support, Pharmacists)

Gundula Koblmiller, MSc (Treasurer)

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