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We’re delighted to welcome five new member organisations to our growing Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) network.

These organisations and their members are essential to delivering our mission and what we do at LuCE, as we work together to strengthen and amplify the lung cancer voice for those impacted by the disease across Europe.

The new member organisations are:

➡️ Alk Ros1 France Cancer Poumon (France)

A group of patients affected by lung cancer in non-smoking populations with ALK+, ROS1 gene mutations and other rare mutations. It aims to raise awareness of their cause and encourage research into mutations to discover new treatments.

➡️ ALK Positive Europe (Germany)

ALK Positive Inc. Europe e.V. (APEU) is a non-profit organisation that connects ALK-positive patient associations, advocacy groups and ALK+ ambassadors across Europe. APEU aims to improve the quality of life for ALK-positive patients and turn an incurable disease into a chronic and hopefully curable disease.

➡️ Association of Patients with Respiratory Failure and Lung Transplantation (Bulgaria)

The Association of Patients with Respiratory Failure and Lung Transplantation (APRFLT) was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2017. Its aim is to work for organ donations and transplantations – including lung transplants – in Bulgaria.

Website: Under construction

➡️ Lung Cancer Patient Association Punim Plucima (Serbia)

One of the most active patient organisations in Serbia, its main goal is to improve status for lung cancer patients, including new treatments and faster diagnostics.

➡️ Oncogene Cancer Research (UK)

Oncogene Cancer Research is funding medical research to extend the lives of people with oncogene-driven lung cancers.

LuCE is proud to welcome these new members and we will profile them in more detail in the coming weeks.

If your organisation would like to become a member of LuCE, please get in touch with our team through the CONTACT page on our website.