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2017 LuCE translated Report

During latest LuCE Report launching event, Stefania Vallone, LuCE’s President encouraged the attendees to give a step forward, and try working together to get improvement in access to innovative therapies and healthcare services, ensuring sustainability of different health-care systems and tackle the burden of this disease, offering more equal conditions to thousands of individuals across Europe affected by lung cancer. […]

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Disparities in diagnosis, care and treatment access

November 7 th 2017: LuCE report on Lung Cancer After the 1st LuCE Report in 2016, in which we highlighted the main challenges in lung cancer in Europe from the patient perspective, we launch this 2nd Report to deepen our research on one of our main worries: disparities on access across Europe. Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) represents lung cancer patients […]

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Lung cancer inequalities: Patient advocates at the European Parliament

Thousands of people are diagnosed with lung cancer in Europe every year and sadly this is the biggest cancer killer. Lung cancer is one of the major public health problems today and it requires a global solution. As patient advocates, we are really committed to networking with other stakeholders in order to reduce incidence and mortality, and improve quality of life of patients and their family members. Download LuCE’s […]

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