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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the LuCE Report. This report is an annual initiative led by lung cancer patient organisations, with the purpose of raising awareness about the biggest challenges that patients across Europe face.

This 3rd report focusses on clinical trials and welcomes the progress made in lung cancer treatment in recent years. However, it also seeks to highlight some of the challenges still faced regarding research. These challenges include lack of funds, time delays, recruitment barriers, absent research areas and a lack of knowledge and awareness by both patients and healthcare professionals. These aspects are some of the priorities that must be addressed in order to improve the quality of, and access to lung cancer clinical trials.

In this report, we present data regarding lung cancer clinical trials and show valuable information provided by patient advocates, lung cancer experts and, of course, patients with lung cancer from across Europe. Thanks to these participants, we have been able to provide a bigger and clearer picture of the current situation, as well as better define our priorities in lung cancer research.

We believe that working together and focussing on the reality and needs of patients is the best way to address these issues. Therefore, we encourage you to read this report and to carefully consider the patient insight provided regarding the medical research and development process.

We also encourage you to access our previous reports so as to better understand our position on the most relevant challenges for people with lung cancer.