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The LuCE Report is an annual initiative led by lung cancer patient organisations, with the purpose of raising awareness regarding the main challenges faced by people impacted by this disease across Europe.

The title of the 7th LuCE Report is `Challenges in the care pathway and preferences
of people with lung cancer´. We are collecting data through an online survey, which objective is to explore the experiences and preferences of people with lung cancer in Europe regarding the care pathway. Results will help to raise awareness about the need for improvements in lung cancer early detection, treatment and care, as well as the inequities regarding the access to lung cancer care in Europe.

The survey will take you around 15 minutes and your participation in this survey is anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or any identifiable information, and you will not be recognizable from the results.

Results will be presented in November. The report will be open access and available on the LuCE website.


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