Pan-European survey of patient perception of unmet need and value drivers in NSCLC

A pan-European survey is being conducted with the aim to understand the following about people’s experience with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with the overall aim of better understanding experience during the care pathway, as well as needs and expectations in terms of innovative treatments.

More specifically, the survey will explore: 

  • perception of the disease burden on the daily life of people impacted by NSCLC
  • experience-based perception of different NSCLC treatment modalities
  • expectations/preferences regarding NSCLC treatment modalities 

The survey is sponsored by Amgen (Europe) GmbH and has been developed in close cooperation with LuCE to fully capture questions and issues impacting the experience of people impacted by lung cancer. This is an anonymous survey. Once completed, the consolidated survey results will be shared with the LuCE community. Individual respondents will also receive  consolidated  survey results. 

Please consider participating in this survey, as the information gathered will benefit the lung cancer community. The survey is offered in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Dutch. Links to each language version of the survey are provided below. You can answer in your preferred language regardless of your location. Your privacy will be respected – more information on how personal data is handled under this study is provided at the beginning of the survey.”

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