Lung Cancer Europe is growing stronger

Starting September, Alfonso Aguarón (second from left) is LuCE’s new project manager. He has extensive experience in patient advocacy field as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor. This circumstance led him to get involved in patient advocacy, first on a volunteer basis and later on, becoming fully involved on a professional basis in 2009. He was involved in Spanish patient groups of haematology and oncology, first as technical manager and later on as International Affairs Manager.

In August 2014, started working in Myeloma Patients Europe as Project Manager. As part of the MPE team, he was able to contribute in areas such as patient involvement in R&D, access and capacity building among others. Alfonso has been involved in many networks, advisory boards and workgroups in both national an international level.

Alfonso’s expertise come to supplement LuCE board members competences and LuCE ambassador passion.

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