2017 LuCE translated Report

During latest LuCE Report launching event, Stefania Vallone, LuCE’s President encouraged the attendees to give a step forward, and try working together to get improvement in access to innovative therapies and healthcare services, ensuring sustainability of different health-care systems and tackle the burden of this disease, offering more equal conditions to thousands of individuals across Europe affected by lung cancer.

Many LuCE members followed this recommendation and translated the Report in order to raise the public and the political awareness on important issues such the access to new treatments. The translated documents can be read or downloaded following these links:

LuCE Report in German: https://bit.ly/2qhpDzs

LuCE Report in Italian: https://bit.ly/2GNtQ57

LuCE Report in Polish: https://bit.ly/2Jsm81Q

LuCE Report in Spanish: https://bit.ly/2EsJIYK

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