LuCE, among the main collaborators of 3rd ESO Masterclass in Cancer Patient Advocacy

This third edition of the Masterclass brought together senior representatives of European and international cancer patient networks as well as a small number of future leaders.

The main topics covered were:
• Lobbying for change
• Building effective and sustainable EU cancer patient networks (leadership, effectiveness, challenges of working with industry, Boards)
• Achieving sustainable access to cancer therapies
• Developing advocacy leadership skills (Communication, Persuasion & Influence, Coaching, Interpreting scientific data)
• Moving from anecdotal to evidence based advocacy

Mirjami Tran Mihn presented LuCE’s efforts in tackling the disparities in access to treatment and healthcare services across Europe. Working for Association of Cancer Patients in Finland, one of LuCE’s members, she highlighted how was the report data used to bring about change, the updated outcome of the lung cancer associations advocacy activities. The presentation was included in the session called Evidence based advocacy: how to increase impact – examples from the patient community held on Sunday 25th February. Lavinia Magee, member of National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses Committee and LuCE member, actively participated in this event championing the nurses important role in improving services for lung cancer patients and their carers.

You can find the presentation here:

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