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Interview with Health Europe Quaterly

Stefania Vallone, LuCE president, spoke to Health Europe Quaterly about the disparities and barriers that remain in access to innovative lung cancer diagnostics, drugs, and services. The main topics were: the key barriers to faster access to treatment, diagnostic an care in Europe; how financial pressure and high costs of new drugs impact should be addressed; how important are clinical […]

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Living with Lung Cancer

As long as you keep being informed, making the right choices for you and learning how to adapt. Once you or your dearest person has been diagnosed, during and after treatment for as long as you/they live, you will need support. Cancer survivorship involves dealing with the physical, emotional, and day-to-day issues of the cancer […]

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Treatments and Clinical Trials

Treatments (chemo, radio, surgery, TT, I-O) In most hospitals, a team of specialists will plan the treatment they feel is best for your individual situation. This multidisciplinary team of medical professionals may include: A surgeon. A medical oncologist(a doctor who specialises in the medical management of cancer). A radiation oncologist. A chest physician. A nurse […]

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