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Petition: Let’s reduce disparities in lung cancer: What must we do?

Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) represents lung cancer patients and caregivers, no matter the place they live, and we advocate for the best support as possible for all of them. But, as the last report evidences, disparities in diagnosis, treatment and care access exist between different European countries, so we need solutions. We encourage our collaborators in the fields of policy, science, research and civil […]

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Lung Cancer Europe Report launched in the EU Parliament – Lets Reduce Disparities: What Must We Do?

PRESS RELEASE : For the second consecutive year, the Lung Cancer Europe Report was officially launched during an event in the EU Parliament, hosted by Mr. Alojz Peterle, President of MEPs Against Cancer Group and attended by relevant stakeholders. Nov. 7th. 2017 The 2nd Report of LuCE focuses on the persisting disparities among European lung cancer patients in terms of access […]

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