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Position Paper

Lung Cancer Europe advocates European policies that will lead to improvements in lung cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and care. 02/04/2020 – LuCE EU Position Paper 2020: “Disparities and challenges in access to lung cancer diagnostics and treatment across Europe.” Download LuCE Position Paper 2020 (English) Download LuCE Position Paper 2020 (French) Download LuCE Position […]

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Lung cancer inequalities: Patient advocates at the European Parliament

Thousands of people are diagnosed with lung cancer in Europe every year and sadly this is the biggest cancer killer. Lung cancer is one of the major public health problems today and it requires a global solution. As patient advocates, we are really committed to networking with other stakeholders in order to reduce incidence and mortality, and improve quality of life of patients and their family members. Download LuCE’s […]

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